Weekend kayaking between France and Spain prices informations

From Vermeille Coast to cap Creus

Discover of the Vermeille Coast and the cap Creus.

The program day by day

  1. Depart for Paulilles Bay (Collioure, Cap Bear) camp in the creeks.
  2. Depature for the marine reserve, turquoise water, surrounded by cliffs of shale ochre and rust one of the creeks that has certainly inspired the name of the silver coast. Discover the marine reserve, then we are heading towards Cerbère and Cape Town to cross are finding ourselves in Spain. Breaks swimming and a picnic on a bay of the Spanish coastCerbers (the last french village before Spain), swimming (snorkel) for amateurs, in the creeks of the reserve of Banyuls bivouac in the creeks.



170€/ adult/child


Upcoming holidays from    Saturday 6th june to sunday 7th june 2020



Max place: 12 places

Min place: 4 places

Reservation by email.

late reservations 3 days before.