Conditions d'utilisations

The tenant is responsible for the cycle from the beginning of the rental.

Any rental made is not refunded. The minor must submit a discharge signed by a responsible person.

Any day started is due in full Any day booked and started is due in full Duration of the day: 8 hours (from morning to evening).

Any damage suffered by the vehicle will be on  the responsibility of the renter .The tenant must provide for routine maintenance of the cycle . Repairs made outside stores for any bike will not be refunded. Any bike will not be refunded, unless prior approval of the renter. The equipment must be returned clean. The lessee assures  of full responsibility for the rented vehicle and ensures all disputes that may arise due to this lease, and theft of said vehicle.

It is forbidden to: Ride on the beaches Climb or descend sidewalks on the cycle Carry a person over 15 kg on the luggage rack Sublease Extend the rental period without prior approval from the store.

In case of theft : In case of theft of a cycle, an amount equivalent to the amount of the deposit will be retained as compensation in accordance with the rates on our fee shedule and corresponding to the category of bike/ vehicle rented. In case of theft : provide the store within 24 hours , the original of the complaint of the theft, issued by the police force in countryside or the police services. The guarantee theft : if it is subscribed by the lessee, when taking possession of the equipment , payable in advance and invoiced according to the conditions displayed in the store , consists of a reduction of  50% on the deposit collected by the renter in case of the cycle rented by the lessee according to the scale shown on our price list and corresponding to the leased category. Insurance : The renter is insured in case of equipment failure. Any accident must be declared within 24 hours .

Booking : Any reservation is subject to the payment of the total amount of the rental. Cancellation : Any cancellation must be made by email. The deposit previously paid will be retained as compensation by the renter , except in case of doubt   ( illness , surgery , accident , ....)solely occured to the future tenant exclusively and justified by a medical certificate.